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The idea of perfection has been a topic on my mind lately. Not perfection in the way of looks or physical features, I have a couple blogs bout that, but it has been about situational perfection.\

Have you ever thought something like this to yourself " When I get ___ then I will be happy, or in a couple years that will be when I am successful, or if I could just be somewhere else everything wold be okay" If you have ever thought something close to that, welcome to the human being club, there is alot of us.

But I think lately I have been noticing how often this thought pops up, and how it is reinforced by today's society. There is such pressure to be at the finish line before anyone else, to get there first and to have as little struggle as possibility doing it. The world today makes is seem like we are to go through life without flaws, without vulnerability, without failures, without doubt, without confusion, without fears, and in the the end all that does, is it makes us go through life without God.

To live a life following God means all those things, means that we realize our doubts, our weaknesses, we fail, and we get confused and we have fears, but that is how God uses us to reveal his glory, and that is how we connect with one another. But it also mean we have bigger opportunities for faith. You see I recently was hit with a thought that, every time I doubt myself, that is an opportunity to trust in God. Every time i think to myself, I am not where I thought I would be right now, is a chance to say, I am here for His reasons. We want to get to the finish line without learning and experiencing everything God has planned for us in the middle!

You want to be married so bad, but maybe you need to have some failed relationships so you can see when God puts the right person in your life. You want to have the best clothes and the best pictures, but God may be saying, you need to be fulfilled t in who I made you to be, just as you are, before you get all of that.

And a big part of this for me, was realizing that a life following Jesus does not mean we have immunity from difficulties. I think what happens, is that there is this idea that when you give you life to God, then the hurt and the pain and the confusion goes away, and then when that doesn't happen immediately people think, I'm no better off now than I was by myself and then go back to how they used to be, BUT HERE IS THE THING: Being a christian does not mean we are immune from difficulties, it just means that we find peace and strength within them, because we know who can overcome them.

And if you thought that or think that, just know that I did too. And until I realized the truth, I never really gave my idea of my own perfect life over to God, I said I did but when things went wrong, or thing started to go not as I planned, I didn't turn to God, i tried to change my circumstances all on my own, which got me not very far. I felt like I was stretching my arms out to something running away from me that i so desperately thought was going to make my life better, not even realizing God is reaching out his hands to me.

What I am trying to say is that, there is no "perfect life", because if there was we would all have it, we would all know how to get there and then we would all end up being the same. God has a life planned for us, but it is a life full of the middle, it is not a finish line. We will grow, and change and learn and fail, and win and rejoice, and everything in between, and it will be a life we never even could have thought up for ourselves that throws our idea of perfect, out the window and down the street. I just want to say that if you are feeling like you are behind in life, if you feel like you are lost, or confused, or just saying to yourself, if I could just be there, then I would be happy. Just know you are exactly where you need to be, because God is teaching you something right now, that will bring you to the next part of your life.

Stop reaching for perfection and grab on to pure-fection.

God's pure love, His pure heart and plan, His pure power and strength, His pure purpose for my life.

So, throw out your perfect plan


Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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