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Look Up and Let Go

Happy almost 4th of July! I wanted to do something a little special this post, so I decided to tie in the 4th with talking about something I LOVE, fireworks.

The size of the firework, doesn't have any relation to it's power. The smallest firework often packs the biggest punch. Sometimes we can feel restricted or dulled because of the "size" of power we have given ourselves, we sometimes tell ourselves we aren't strong enough, worthy enough, courageous enough, to explode into what we can become. But we have a God that IS our power, and He is courageous, and strong, and He has said we are worthy, because he has entrusted us with His plans. Our punch, comes from the power we get through Jesus, we are worthy, and strong, and courageous, and with God, we pack a pretty, beautiful punch.


A firework needs a flame, it will NEVER ever ever become what it is supposed to be without that flame. That's Jesus, Jesus is our flame, he is our light and our way. A firework knows what it is supposed to do, it waits for the flame to ignite, and then it goes out and radiates the beauty, of what that flame started. We are called to be that beauty, to feel the flame Jesus has set beneath us and go out into the world and radiate the beauty of what He started and what He created. Because the beauty of the firework is thanks to the creator and the flame, not the firework itself. Our beauty and gifts are thanks to God who made us, and Jesus who paved the way.

A firework doesn't worry about being the best of the best, it knows it's purpose and shoots into the sky being the brightest it can be. We put SO much pressure on ourselves to be the best, best clothes, best job, best relationship, best etc., but that pressure we feel doesn't come from God, it comes from a lack of trust in God. " We prefer control over trust", I have needed this pointed out to me because that was definitely something I struggled with, to let go FULLY, is the only way that I will shine my brightest, because it will be Jesus working through me.

It's about the big picture, we don't go to a firework show to see one specific firework, it's about the bigger picture, We are a part of God's bigger picture, this life is not about us, it is about doing our part to fulfill His vision. That may sound a little scary at first, but think about it, we GET to be a part of the bigger picture, the creator of everything, decided that we are worthy enough to carry out His plans, You and me are a part of something so beautiful, so full of light, so grand, that we will never be able to imagine it before it happens.

Fireworks make us look up, they explode high above our heads, in the sky making us look above. When we feel that flame, when we focus on our purpose, when we let the light of Jesus shine through us, WE can make people look up. Think about someone you know who just shines with the spirit of God, every time you are around them, you feel closer to Jesus, you stop and look at them and see the beauty in what God has put into their hearts. As Christians we have a chance to be a firework of God that leads others to stop everything, and look up.

One firework can explode into 50 smaller ones, this is true in how we live. Our passion for Jesus can ignite and inspire someone, who then inspires someone else, and before we know it, the spirit of God has touched 50, 60, 70 people because our that one, initial light. Lastly, they leave a lasting impression, I know for me once the show is over, those colors and the view stays in my mind for a very long time and it also strengthens the urge for another show. I still remember standing with my mom and dad in disney world, watching the Friday night firework show in Magic Kingdom, and I was 12 at the time. We have the chance to leave an impression, to plant a seed, that will leave people wanting more, and craving more.

That is truly what I hope, that we can help each other crave Jesus, inspire each other to look up and let go. to be a firework for Jesus.

So, feel that flame, look up, and let go.

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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