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Keep It Simple

Simplicity. "the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do".

God has been showing me the power of keeping things simple. In today's society I think there is a pressure that if something is simple or small then it is not worth time or effort or acknowledgment. I certainly have felt that idea of "having and doing it all". But to be honest, that doesn't always bring out the best in people. For me, I noticed I tried to outwork God an His plans, I felt like I wasn't moving fast enough, I felt I wasn't where I wanted to be, I felt like my plan was better,-- notice the key phrase :I FELT". What I realized is how i feel is valid but what GOD KNOWS is what will be and what I should place all my trust in.

This was not easy for me, realizing this I had to really let go of where I saw myself and my own time line and be comfortable with not knowing. So how does simplicity play into this?-- When I let go of all my schedules and worries etc. I realized how much pressure I was putting on myself, standards that i thought everyone was expecting of me, but in reality is was just in my head. God showed me that at the end of the day trusting in Him and spreading his love is simple. NOT TO SAY IT IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE EASY, but it is simple.

What I mean is that:

- I don't have to have all the answers, I just need to be someone somebody can talk to.

- I don't have to be the funniest person in the room, I just need to be accepting and kind.

- I don't have to have the best clothes or hair at the party, I just need to show up and be there for people.

-I don't need to know my future, I just need to take it day by day

_ I don't need to have the best looking muscles, I just need to have arms that can embrace and hands to hold.

All these things become so simple when you take your own expectation out of the picture. I heard a story today from a new friend of mine, and he said that when he was in college, he went to a mens bible study group, and every week he would pick up one of the guys and take him, just because he needed a ride. This certain person had a tough past, and after college my friend hadn't seen or spoken to him since. Well a couple months ago, he gets call from that buddy of his he used to drive, and he said that he is in bible college and studying to become a pastor. They talked for a while and my friend wondered why he was calling and telling him the news, and his friend said, because of him SIMPLY just showing up and bringing him to the group, it took his life in a direction he never saw coming. He simply gave this boy a ride and his life is forever changed.

SO many times I feel like people tel you MORE MORE MORE, be faster, funnier, prettier, smarter, more creative, more driven, more successful, but where does that leave us? going in a million different directions, expecting things from ourselves and others only God can provide, and missing out on what God is putting in front of us, if we would simply stop and be present.

Trust me I am a major fan of being grand and going over the top and being crazy, but keeping intentions and actions simple and rooted can change more than you ever thought possible. I think simplicity makes us focus on what is most important.

I think it also makes us humble, when we see ourselves and others in a simpler light without expectations, we can see who God really made us and them to be. We can recognize that we ARENT great at everything and that we can learn from each other. We sometimes judge an hold grudges against others, because you think they have the success or wealth or relationship or lifestyle that YOU PLANNED for yourself, when in reality, God will give you what you need. And truth of the matter is that same person is probably looking at you thinking the same thing. SO when we take expectations and judgements and false ideas out of the mx, we can see people for who they are and how they are different from you AND THAT'S THE BEAUTY OF IT.. You are not me and I am not you and I am not meant to have your life and you mine. When we see this, then we can rejoice for others in their success rather than be envious, we can cheer them on because God is working in their life the way He is meant to and He will work in yours too.

the beauty is that it is not about me, it is what God is doing, and God's moves are mighty in grace and love and promise.


So keep it simple and see what happens.

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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