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Just A Step

First of all-- Happy New Year, I am a little late on that, but I got there. This year for the blog my main goal is to really connect with whoever reads it, I don't know who you are, but if this is your first time here or a faithful friend that returns, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love this blog and I want it to bring people together in any way possible. I have an idea I am going to talk about at the end of this post, so stick around kids!!

I asked on some platforms what y'all would want to talk about and the topic that was chosen was personal comfort zone.

The comfort zone defined is-"the level at which one functions with ease and familiarity". We all have our own comfort zones, in our social life, education, career, passions, we all have a level at which we can operate and feel at ease, without a threat of stress or worry. I started thinking , what happens when we spend too much time in this zone, can we become so comfortable within the aspects of our day to day life that we start to lose ambition, curiosity, relations, even a need for faith?

Whenever I would pray for God to push me out of my comfort zone, I thought of BIG events, a recognizable shove you could say. I think we all have a tendency to think that we have to step WAY WAY out of our comfort zone to feel like we have taken a chance or taken a leap of faith but recently God has shown me, that is not the case. To step out of our familiarity, our day to day, all that needs to happen is just a small occurrence that requires faith and a little change. In your personal life if you have been praying for change or for something to happen, take a small step that you have never thought of. I think in today's society we have an all or nothing mindset, and when it comes to our everyday life that is no different. We don't have to have these GRAND moments of great courage for things to change, and for us to grow. Stepping out of our comfort zone can be talking to the person beside you on the bus when you would normally be on your phone, cooking a new recipe, spending time with a loved one somewhere new, journaling before you go to bed before watching TV, asking more questions in class, so many little things God presents as an opportunity to practice faith and start taking more chances, I think sometimes they sneak by, because we don't see those as ways to grow.

I think we also sometimes just wanted to jump to the conclusion, we pray for an outcome but don't want to walk the dark and unknown road to get to that outcome. SO we say that, "I'm just not ready" or "If God meant for this to happen it would have by now". First, you will never be ready, change doesn't come when you are ready and prepared for it, it happens in the middle of the not ready, but we have to have faith and say I am not ready BUT God is leading, and I don't have to run i can take just a step to what is coming. Also, God can make mountains move but if we don't open our eyes we will never see them! We have to work with Him and realize that we have to take some initiative ourselves to work with God's plans, even when we aren't ready, or unsure, or just plain don't want to. just one small step a day and we can be on our way.

For me personally, this blog was a small step outside of my comfort zone. I was feeling stuck, and frustrated and decided to start out just journaling, and then journaling became a private blog online and then, I felt in my heart to take it public. If I would have jumped straight to this blog, I know that I would not have stuck with it nor would it have been so important to me. God knows the pace in which we need to go, sometimes the pace is faster than we think we can handle and sometimes it may seem like it is dragging, but God is in control and knows the outcome before we even know where to begin. All i can say is trust the uncomfortable, look forward to being pushed in the smallest ways, it is there where we find our faith and where we strengthen our relationship with Jesus.

To continue this theme of stepping out, I have an idea that I have been wanting to talk about for a while. My goal for this year is to really connect with the readers of this blog, I don't know who you are, but I would like to. I have made an email specifically for whoever reads this, and I will attach it at the bottom. I would love, if you are reading this, to just email me, anything you want! maybe: what you want to see on the blog this year, a moment God has shown in your life recently, your testimony, how you found this blog, ANYTHING. My hope is to communicate with you all more and to really start making this a place where we come together as a group and not just me talking to "people". I can't wait to see what happens this year.


So, step out of your comfort zone, or even crawl, you can do it.

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Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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