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Heart Knowledge

To follow your head or follow your heart? Have you ever felt like the two could not be more opposite, each pulling you to a different decision, it makes you feel like you are standing on top of a mountain and one is telling you to jump the other is telling you to turn around

. This feeling of an internal battle can come at any moment and it can come in any size: but how do you we know which to listen to?

When hearts and heads are at war, the head is trying to make a decision based on knowledge of this world, trying to layout a plan that will end up with a result that benefits us in the now, but our heart's knowledge comes from Jesus, from His world, and most of the time it is trying to call us to a decision that we won't understand until much later, because the result is not in this world. This calls us to have faith and trust in God's plan for us, and forgo what we think is best for us, which is easier said than done. So how can we start to trust heart knowledge, how can we be confident in what we couldn't possibly understand?

The first is prayer, now let me tell you Prayer takes Practice. Nobody just wakes up one morning and knows exactly what to say, and can hear God's answers, it takes constant practice to get closer and closer to God. The reason prayer can help us with heart knowledge, is because the more we prayer and lean on Jesus, the more we will include Him in our lives, and in every decision we make, the more we will thank Him for the little things, and the more we will learn how He talks back to us. When I was little I used to think God "answering me", truly meant, a voice would come out of nowhere and tell me everything I needed to know. That would be pretty stinking scary now if that happened, but God answers our prayers in so many ways, through experience, people, pain, satisfaction, questions, and the more constant we are with our prayer and thanks, the better we will be at realizing how He answers our prayers. So when it comes to decide whose side we are on, head or heart, we can choose heart because we feel so close to Jesus that, that trust is there- which leads me to my next point-

Obedience, when we think of obedience is sometimes has a negative ora around it, someone telling you what to do, being ordered around and so on, but when it comes to our relationship with God. The fact that we get to be obedient to the King, is a privilege. What I mean by this, is that Jesus died for us and for our sins, He gave us life, and whether we have earned it or not, He still did that. We obey because of the unimaginable love He has for us, our obedience is an expression of love! You cannot earn something that is already given to you, but you can try to be worthy of it. That is why we trust in the Lord, to show our love, that is why we follow His commandments, and even after all He did for us, He knows we still lack faith sometimes and so He shows himself to us time and time again, to reassure us that He is always here and always with us. There is no way to ever express everything God gives us, but we can try to be worthy, we can have faith in His decision even when our head it calling us not to.

Lastly sometimes I have noticed that when a battle starts going on inside me, it is because I am chasing something other than Jesus. We get distracted my money, fame, personal agendas, etc and we forget that choosing those things will only bring us happiness in this world. In church my pastor said " We are called to be IN this world not OF this world." We will not please everyone, we may not have the nicest house, we may not have the most glamorous life, but we WILL be an example of Christ, we will be an influence not influenced.

So these battles are going to happen, forever, but with prayer, and obedience and our eyes set on what is important, we can begin to choose the heart every time because God is SO good, and He loves us and will never lead us in the wrong direction, because whatever He has planned for you, is going to be pretty spectacular.

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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