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You Are More

We all struggle with who we are, or how we perceive ourselves. In today’s society it is almost impossible to not compare yourself to others. Trying to be “cool”, trying to be liked by the people around us. Sometimes we change ourselves to trying please other people, because we think that is what will make us happy, maybe if this certain group likes me then maybe I will be happier. What people don’t tell you and what we have to learn on our own, is that pleasing everyone is impossible. Satisfaction of one’s self can only come when you are happy with who you are, without any outside influences. But it is not a simple thing, to shut everyone’s opinions out, even our own negative opinions of ourselves. Everyday we wake up and we have to decide and truly fight to be exactly who we are, it takes courage and strength to not listen to others, to not be influenced by others who will only take you down a wrong path. It won’t be easy, to truly think and act yourself and yourself alone will take a lot of time, because the truth is, we will follow down those paths, we will care what others think, we will change ourselves to fit in, but the important thing is that we realize it is happening and bring ourselves out of it, and learn from it. I heard a lot today about what is “cool” or “in” and to me people everywhere, myself included, are looking for validation in these words, but what do they even mean. Who says what is cool and in and popular, who gets to decide if what I like is valid. We stress and worry so much about what others will think of what we like, and what we wear, and what we believe in, we look to others for confirmation and validation and before we even realize, we have become a product of other people, their likes, their beliefs. We lose ourselves. It is a scary thought, but it can push us to be ourselves, if every morning we wake up and we decide to be who we are, we are taking a step closer to finding yourself, and the person you want to be and the person God wants you to be. But it is a choice, a choice we have to make.

“What God knows about me, is more important than what others think about me.”

We often feel alone, if we try to be who we are and there is judgement or hate. We feel like we are going through it alone, but we aren’t. We have a best friend, and a Father and One who knows who we are fully, with us at all times. God never leaves you alone, and he will put people into your life who love you, for YOU, but we have to know who we are first. That may take some time, and everyone’s journey will be different, but if we can remember that God sees and loves the person he made you to be, then you can too. He sees more in us, than we may ever see, but to know that we can be so unique, and one of a kind is the fuel we need top keep going. To keep pushing yourself to find what YOU love, to find what YOU want to wear, to find what YOU believe in. You are more than people’s judgements, you are more than your own negative thoughts, you are more than you could ever imagine.

So. Go out. BE you. BE happy. BE more.

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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