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Why Wait

Here is the thing-

fear can consume us, doubt and worry creep into us. About everything, but why, why do we let it overcome our ambitions and our impulses? God gives us all the strength and courage we need to overcast our doubt and to pursue what he has put in our hearts. If your heart aches for something, God is giving you a new path, but sometimes we feel as if we may not be ready to do whatever our new task is. But we are, we are always ready we just have to trust in God, because he wouldn’t put something in front of you if you weren’t ready to run to it. I try to tell myself this even in the smallest aspects of life, even talking to the person next you, that can take some courage, but you can do it. I think doubt and worry sets in the most, when it comes to love. I think love tests our patience, our kindness, selflessness, passion, faith, morals, courage, i think love tests all. Which is why it is the most important thing we have, so when we experience any sort of love, we fear and doubt it, as a whole. and that is okay, as long as we let God’s work overcome that. God put love into this world, because i think it is the closest thing we have to heaven on earth. SO LEAP TOWARDS IT. LEAP TOWARDS LOVE AND THE NEW. Crash through the doubt.

Because why wait, when everything is in front of you.

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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