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Everyone and everything has a story. All different not one single thing the same tale. I was driving the other day, when I passed an elderly couple in a car together, holding hands and singing along to a song they knew very well. Then a realization hit me so hard that it made me emotional- sitting in that car right now is a life time of stories. A lifetime of laughs, and tears, and songs, and hardships, and inside jokes, fights, kisses, memories- everything they have is sitting in that car right now. IT made me realize, every person and everything has a story you don’t know about. Has hardships, or good times that we don’t see, but they are there. This moment with this couple in the car hit me so hard because, You, and I are writing our stories right now. You and I are creating the stories we are going to tell and remember when we are sitting in a car 80 years from now. What we have done, or are doing or will do, will decide the story we write.

So, what do you want yours to be about? That is a good question huh, you may think to yourself, well it is already decided, I have my past and my present and that really determines my future… But it doesn’t. We read novels about heroes, love, mystery, comedy, travel, the list goes on but they thing they all have in common, most stories start with a normal day and then suddenly it changes. One day can change your whole story, it can make your life into something you never thought it would. Even if you are reading this and you are 80 years young, today, tomorrow could be the day your whole story changes. Thinking back to the couple in the car, the day they met changed their story forever. The point of all this is, do something you have always wanted to do, meet that person you have had your eye on, travel the world, if you have a dream or desire God put that into your heart for a reason, go chase it. Because while everyone has a different story, we all have one thing in common… God. God made us all, and God loves us all, and God is with us throughout our story. He is their guiding you and inspiring you and giving you the strength you need. We were created in one day, we can fall in love in one day, we can change in one day, anything can happen in just one day. So think to yourself, look at your story- are you happy with it, is it missing something, is it the story you want to read over and over when you are nearing Heaven.

So. Go out and right a good one.

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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