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Standing For What

“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” John 3-18

At the end of our lives, we are going to meet our King, we are going to stand before Him and rejoice. But, what exactly will we have to rejoice from our life here on earth? This question has been swirling around in my head for a while now, and I think it is a quite powerful thought. So what have I come up with?

What won’t matter is the kind of car I have, what will matter is the road trips I take with my family and the memories that we make in that car. The size of house I can afford won’t bring me joy unless I fill it with a husband whom I love, and have friends and family over all the time, and fill that house with love. What won’t matter is how much I tweet about God and the spirit of God or how much I post about being a giving person or standing up for what I believe in, what will matter the most is that I lived a life that proved it. That steps beyond talk and thought and live by action and truth. When we are standing there in front of our Creator, we should want to say that we didn’t make material possessions our main goal, we didn’t let hate and division and judgement rule our hearts, that we tried whole heartedly to spend our days with the ones we love. To see our wealth in kindness and compassion, and that we acted on His word. Did we put aside “societal acceptance” and push out a fear of being embarrassed when the time came to do the right thing.

This fear of embarrassment, is something I struggled with for a long time. It wasn’t until recently I realized, if I live my life in a fear of being embarrassed I will never be able to do God’s work. God’s purpose for us calls us out of our comfort zone, out into the world to do things that are going to cause some fear. Let’s be embarrassing, let us have so much love it freaks people out, let’s have so little care for material possessions that others see you can live a life on life, let’s treat others with so much kindness that they may be confused as to why a stranger has been so kind. Because here is the thing, when I am standing in front of my God, I want to know that I didn’t give 50% of myself, I want to know that I gave 100%, that I loved as fiercely as I could, and I was accepting as much as my heart could handle, and I was courageous more than I ever thought possible, I want to stand there and be able to say that I lived a life of Godly action, and passionate faith, and I am happy for what I left.

If we live everyday like this, then those road trips will happen, that house will become a home, if we live everyday without fear of embarrassment and giving everything, there is no way we can’t surround ourselves with what matters most. I remember hearing once, “if you were to see yourself out of a window, would you go join in what you were creating?”

So, Would you?

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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