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Show Your Heart

Vulnerability. It is something some fear and some chase. I think we fear it becomes when we become vulnerable it is up to others to treat us and our hearts with kindness, and love and compassion. That is also why we chase it, to show our hearts without fear, to have complete faith in others, to embrace the fear and turn it into strength, when we embrace it we put our shields down and we find out something about ourselves. Lately, I have been striving to be vulnerable, striving to show my heart to others and to accept the fear and see what it brings. What changed my view was this ” The Lord is my strength and my shield, in Him my heart trusts” Psalm 28:7. Reading this brought me a truth about myself, and maybe you share this. I was afraid to get hurt, to not be accepted or to be judged, I didn’t trust myself to protect my heart, but I realized I didn’t have to. God shields my heart, it is okay if I don’t trust myself completely because I trust Him completely. If I never let go and let His love guide me, I will miss opportunities to grow and to experience the life He has planned for me.

Now this doesn’t mean our hearts won’t get hurt, they will but He will nurture it, and give us the strength we need to go on. Have you ever been scared to try something new, to talk to that person across the room, to tell someone how you feel, ore to take a chance? In small cases and big ones, we have to be vulnerable, we have to trust that God has our hearts in his hands and we can take that risk and it will be okay. The beauty in it is even if things go wrong, or it doesn’t work out, you try again, and again and again because if we are with God and we trust in Him fully, no matter what we never fail. Once I realized this, my eyes opened, “He will not let you be tested beyond what you can endure”Corinthians 10:13. We can chase our dreams, and put ourselves out there, and terrify ourselves because we will never be given too much to handle. There is no failing, there is no what if I can’t do it, you can. With this realization love with all your heart, give compassion with everything in you, show kindness, show forgiveness. Never stop. You have endless chances to do what your heart calls for, to be as vulnerable as possible because you will never fail. How unbelievable is that. We can truly reach for the stars and have the chance to get there.

So. Be vulnerable. Show your heart. He’s got you.

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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