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People. Other human beings. That is who we get to share our moments with. That’s it. But sometimes we forget they are there, and we forget how much we need each other. We go through the motions of everyday life conversing and passing PEOPLE, but how many times a day do we ever actually stop and take the time to actually see them? To truly listen, and learn from what they have to say, or to enjoy the time we get to spend with them, enjoy the moments we create with one another. Moments are all we have that make up our entire life, some we remember because they were the best moments or the worst, or a life changing moment, so many moments but there is only one thing they all share. They include people. People are what matter. God made magnificent beings, all different in every way, to care and cherish. So that is what we need to do. When we ask someone “how are you”, we need to mean it. When we ask how was your day, really want to know. When we say the words i love you or i miss you, they need to come from your soul. Appreciate whole heartedly the people we get to spend our moments with. People. Other human beings.

So..go make some moments.

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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