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“I believe in Santa Claus and reindeer and fairy princesses and dragons” When we were little, this kind of stuff would likely be said, because we believed in magic. We didn’t need a reason for the those things to exist, we didn’t need proof or assurance, we simply knew they were real because we believed. The younger we are the more we seem to believe in magic, in miracles, and in things that defy logic, but as we grow up something inside us decides that proof is necessary to continue believing, we lose our love of magic and wonder, but we don’t have to. Who ever said when you get older fairies have to stop existing, fairytales can’t come true anymore. What would life be like today if we believed in magic just because we want to? I never understand the fact that as we get older, the world becomes duller and more harsh, and then it hit me, the world stays the same, it is me who chooses to look at it in such a grim way.

WE HAVE the power to continue to see the magic, we have the power to ignore what others say and to choose to see the wonderful. God puts magic into the world every single day, he puts light into everything we see we just have to choose to see it. Kids see the light in everything because they haven’t learned that there could be grey in a situation. They know good and choose good because that is all they see. So that is what we should aim for, to see and choose good. The fact that you woke up today is magic that God gave you, that friendly smile you give someone is magic God sent you, that laughter with friends and family is the MAGIC OF GOD. I think the reason we don’t see it like that is because, we are too focused on the MORE of every situation, simplicity doesn’t equal happiness anymore, but that is what we need to remember. Simplicity DOES equal happiness, the simple happy times are going to make for a happy life, time alone with family and friends, and nature and God is what is going to be the most fulfilling. A simple happy moment is just as magical as a fiery dragon or a princess, we just have to realize it.

So see and choose magic.

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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