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Made Of What

We live a life.- Wow how obvious- I know but, the simplicity of that sentence is what I am hinting at. You and I get to LIVE a LIFE. If we are lucky enough, we get to live a life filled with love and God and whatever else we choose. Our life will be a string of what we choose, who we choose, what we choose to follow, what we don’t choose. And it is never set in stone, we may feel as though this is not how we want our story to go we can change it, right then and there we can make a choice to live the way we want to. The scary thing is, is that fear could keep us from living life, fear of failing, or fear of an outcome that leaves us vulnerable. But here is something I have been realizing, failing is not the worst outcome, not even close, regret is. Regret that we didn’t do what we wanted, or what we were scared to do for the fear of what? Failure is going to happen, and it is going to make us stronger and it is going to make our life worth something. Ironically enough, we can never truly fail because we have God on our side, C.S Lewis writes “He loved us, not because we are so lovable but because He is love.” We have love on our side, forever and always, we can never fail with love on our side.

To me, my biggest fear is getting to the end of my life and realizing I wanted to do so much more and never let myself, if we let regret control us this is what could happen-we never told the boy or girl that we loved them for the fear they didn’t love us back, we never pursued painting for the fear that we wouldn’t be good, we never moved to New York for the fear that it wouldn’t work out, we never went dancing for the fear we might look silly, we never did anything, and now we can’t. I used to live this way, I used to be afraid of the outcome that hadn’t even happened yet, I used to think embarrassing myself was worse than never trying.But that’s changed because I have realized with God in my heart- telling someone you love them, regardless of their response means your heart was filled with love and that brought you joy, painting even if not good at it made you happy and you met new people who brought light into your life, moving to New York while terrifying, you experienced a new place and it brought you a new sense of self, dancing while terrible at it led you to be able to find humor within yourself…We choose with God, the life we want to live.

So go be a romantic- go dancing- go scream from a rooftop. Just go with love.

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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