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I’ve been thinking a lot about love recently. Mostly about when I get to fall in love. What it is going to be like, who it is going to be with, who God has made for me, my other half, the types of challenges we will face together, but mostly what I have been thinking about is having some who loves me for everything I am. Now if you are reading this and have found this gift God has given then I say, treat it with love, but if you are like me and have yet to experience something so special, it is coming. Whether you have found love or not, I think what I am about to say can affect everyone… I use to look at falling in love as one of the greatest things that could ever happen to a person, and I still do, I just thought that the kind of love that you share with that person, is the highest love a human being can receive. Until one day, I saw a couple in their 70s, having a picnic at a park near my school. I watched them for a little bit, laughing to each other, holding hands, they were in their own little world. Now there this park was an Ice Cream shop that I happened to be in when they came in, they sat down at the table next to me. The husband went to the restroom, and the lady, who’s named I found out later was Mae, asked me if I was by myself and I answered yes, and she asked if I would like to join them. I declined because it looked like a special occasion, but I did tell her they looked wonderfully happy.

I asked her how long they had been married, and things like that, and then I asked her how they stayed so in love all those years, and I am so serious this is what she replied, ” God, honey, God always. He loves us more than we can love each other, and once we figured that out, everything got easier, God has to come first.” It hit me right then, falling in love IS one of God’s greatest loves, but His love can never be topped. Even when I find my one, I will love him with everything in me, and he will love me the same, but even our love put together could never reach the amount of love pouring onto us by God. And to me that is so comforting, I used to get sad, being alone, I always felt like I was waiting for love, but I HAVE IT, YOU HAVE IT. God WILL put whoever we are suppose to be with in our lives, He will, He knows when the time is right, and when you both are ready. But that doesn’t mean you are without great love. So if you have been waiting for that “special love”, if it has been holding you back, know that it is here, and God has someone for you, and they are coming, so it does no good to wait for their love when you have God’s. The day will come. That person will come. But that Love? Is already here.

So. Feel the Love.

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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