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He Chose You

God chose you. He chose me. He chose all of us to be the ones to show the world the truth of God. He chose us to show others what forgiveness, no matter what, looks like. He chose us to spread his light, bring happiness to everyone we meet, to share his words and wisdom. He sees so much potential from us, the he created us to b

e co-creators with him. We get to create in harmony with him! I love to remember that, because he didn’t have to do that, he didn’t have to but because of his grace and trust he wanted our relationship with him to build, and so he decided to trust us with that task. God made us all for different reasons, to bring something from him into the world. And the sooner we let go and let that part of us shine, the sooner we can create with God.

So. He chose you.

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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