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A Matter Of Perspective

You are walking down the street when you feel a breeze, and you slip on a jacket and continue on. A little while later, it starts to rain so you pull out your umbrella, ten minutes later you step in a puddle and make a splash getting your feet soaked. If this were you, what thoughts would be going on in your head? When it started to get cold, would you be annoyed that you had to put a jacket on, or smile because the seasons are changing. When it starts to rain would you be angry because your hair might get frizzy or would you laugh as the rain tickles your cheeks. When you splash in a puddle, do you get angry about your socks being soaked, or do you jump in it more and remember what it was like to be little kid splashing in big puddles.

It is all a matter of your perspective, on everything and everyone around you. We all try our hardest to keep it positive, try to find the bright side, but it’s human to get into a funk of being negative and unappreciative of the world around us. There is a saying that goes “How much of life do we miss by waiting to see a rainbow, before thanking God for the rain”. God’s endless giving surrounds us everyday, we just have to make a choice to look at it as a blessing rather than an annoyance. Much of this stems from being stuck in what we want day by day, we wake up and we want it to be a sunny 75, and it’s a rainy 50, immediately because we wanted something else, maybe that sets the day off into a rocky start. We have certain things we want to happen in a day, and when God has a different plan we can forget that, that is what was meant to be, we have to step out of that habit. So how do we do that? Changing our perspective, asking God to give us a patient and humble heart so that we may see the beauty in everything, and have the patience to realize what we want may not be what we need, and to focus on God’s plan rather than our idea of our own. God will help us, He knows we will be grumpy, and be moody and want for things we shouldn’t, that is human behavior and IT IS OK.

Sometimes it is hard to find the bright side when we feel so confused, or lonely, or weak but there is always God, He is always the bright side in any situation.He forgives us and gives us the love we need to change our mood and our views, there will never be a person on this planet that does not get a little sassy from time to time, but we don’t want to live our lives in constant need instead of constant thanks. Ask God to help you, He wants to and He will, He has a plan so much greater than we could ever create for ourselves, so we just have to take it day by day and take in everything with love. We all have so many more days to live, hours to laugh and smile, minutes to love, why would we want to waste them in negativity? You know how one good song, a really pretty sunset, a hug from a best friend, a new vase of flowers, or a good ole dance can turn your day around? What if the rain could turn it around, or stepping in a puddle, or getting lost on the way to work, or spilling jelly on your shirt, what if those brought you just as much humor and joy as a sunset did? It is really a matter of how you want to see the world.

So. Rejoice in that jelly donut.

Quote of the Day

Let us be a reflection of the God we claim to love.

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